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Anti-hail net

Anti-hail net is used as a protection of fruit trees, shrubs, flowers and vegetables against damage by hail or birds. The hail not only damages the fruit but also young trees. The hail wounds can be difficult to recover from and are a key infection site for bark and wood disease. Loss and damage of assimilation area in the leaves makes the trees unfit for dormant phase (green substance will not be rebuilt by autumn).

siatka przeciwgradowa

namemesh sizewidthlengthunit weightmesh thicknesscolour
Anti-hail net 3 mm
7 mm
1.83 m to
16.00 m
100 m to
1700 m
50 (g/m2) 0,3 mm

 Siatka przeciwgradowa - sad

siatka przeciwgradowa


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