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special greenhouse foil for professional horticulture with EVA, AF, AD and IF additives


gardenvit z dodatkami

efekt termicznyThermal effect

A parameter defining the quantity of light transmitted through the film and its diffusion. Perfect light diffusion for uniform exposure. Light promotes growth and improves fruit quality.


Efekt antykondensacyjnyAnti-condensation effect

Condensed water is not suspended as droplets on the film but forms a thin layer flowing down the sides. The anti-condensation effect requires a minimum roof slope. Minimum slope is 15°, recommended slope is 30°.


Efekt antymgłowyAnti-fog effect

Reduced morning and evening fogging.


Efekt termiczny dodatek EVAThermal effect - EVA additive

Reduces heat loss due to radiation, reflects IR radiation back to the greenhouse. Reduces day/night temperature difference. Fuel savings up to several percent and reduced risk of freezing in greenhouses without heating system.


Dodatkowe wzmocnienie mechaniczneAdditional reinforcement

Tear, stretch and puncture resistant for greenhouses subject to strong winds and with lower quality frame (e.g. wooden greenhouses)


Foil with anti-condensation additive

free solar access

dodatek antykondensacyjny

Foil without anti-condensation additive

droplets on the foil 
solar access reduced by 15%

brak dpdatku antykondensacyjnego
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